Monday, August 1, 2011

Super Gabby

As all the representatives gathered in the chamber waiting to cast their vote, we in class mentioned that one person for certain would not be in attendance, Gabrielle Giffords. In early January Giffords was shot in the head in an assassination attempt but luckily she survived. Since then she has not appeared at any congressional meetings as she was recuperating. Tonight was a surprise not only for the passing of the bill but because Giffords made a special appearance in the chamber to cast her vote in the decision right before the allotted fifteen minutes were up. Giffords was welcomed cheers, hugs and a standing ovation. This joyous moment I initially thought were the Republicans celebrating their approaching victory of the bill being passed. As Senator Pelosi mentioned Giffords is an symbol of strength and courage. Her being there showed how important the passing of this bill was to her and to America. She made the effort to be there for the vote because she did not want to risk losing the vote and the bill not being passed. Though her vote in favor of the bill did not have much impact for her Republican party as they crushed the Democratic vote, it was more of a sign of her dedication to this country and how important this change is for our future.

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